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Welcome to Monetize Your Mind, our inviting oasis known as MYM. This ain't your run-of-the-mill business coaching scene. No gimmicks. No hacks. Just a practical space to learn the fundamentals that any kickass business is built on, with a bunch of other rad, heart-led humans. At MYM, we're all about creating a warm, supportive haven to help you grasp essential business knowledge without all the unnecessary dung the internet seems to be slingin' these days.

Sound like it's your vibe? Awesome. You know what to do.








"Monetize Your Mind has helped me jump off the ledge into entrepreneurship knowing that an amazing team of skilled professionals along with a network of like-minded baddies are there to support me, guide me, and cheer me on! The trajectory of my life has completely changed. I never would have started my business without the support of the MYM crew."


"Since joining MYM, I have been able to Recognize the power and freedom over my life that being an entrepreneur has given me."


"I have never been one to join groups, but this one has been a game changer for me. I have been able to revamp my whole life because of this group and I feel more positive than any other time of my life because of the connections found here. Life Changing."

MYM is for those who value freedom, lead with their hearts and have a deep desire to create solutions. 

Truthfully, it doesn't matter if you're a total newb with an idea, a solopreneur wingin' it on their own, an entrepreneur with a team, digitally-based, brick & mortar, product or service-based, network marketer, artist, musician, creative, or anything in between ... Business fundamentals, are business fundamentals. MYM is here to help you learn and apply the practical stuff in business. No bells and whistles. No gimmicks. No fast cash boo-shee. Just the tools you need, for long-term success.

"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime." - This proverb is the whole MYM vibe.


You deserve to have more money in your life.

It's time to trust yourself. 

Hi! I'm Sarah Swain, and I am the Founder of Monetize Your Mind™


In 2022, MYM was born as I bore witness to millions of Canadians with their backs against the wall, as they had to choose between their values and their paycheque, as it was suddenly tied to an experimental medical procedure. 

Having generated nearly $2 Million in sales, starting with nothing more than my laptop and my intellectual property, I knew I needed to start sharing my gifts in business in a big way. I shut down every other business I was operating and chose to go all in on MYM.

What started out as a logistical business course to help people learn how to create new streams of income, has now become a global movement to create more choice, freedom & independence in thousands of households. 

Nothing about MYM is average. 

And there is nothing average about the hundreds of beautiful humans in this community either. None of us are here to be mediocre, in a world that has gone completely mad. We're here to create. We're here to lead from our hearts. We're here to raise the frequency. We're here to provide solutions. And we're here to do it well - because the next generation is watching.

The matrix wants you to believe that money must be earned with our time, when the truth is, that money is created when we provide value. Flip the script on that archaic paradigm, dude.

Let's get you paid for the value you have to bring into this world.


Whether you're a seasoned entrepreneur looking to branch out into new streams of revenue, or a rookie looking to find their way in the entrepreneurial scene, my job is to support you by pulling your power & genius out of you so it's staring you in the face.

MYM may cause you to speed up, or it may cause you to slow down. Both are perfect because MYM is all about playing the long game. Your job is to stay the course, and make shit happen - your way.

Are you ready?

PSSST...There's no such thing as being ready.




"I've made over $10,000 in my business in the last 3 months since joining MYM and my husband and I are talking about me leaving my job at the end of the year!"


"Since joining MYM, I've gained confidence in accessing the leader I've always known myself to be, and have become so inspired creatively!

The community and possibility for collaboration is infinite. I've busted out of my comfort zone and am in the process of expanding my business. Sarah's compassion and no bullshit approach lights a fire and empowers me into action!"


"The group support!!! I can't make many of the chats or put in the time right now BUT I LISTEN to the recordings, join when I can and STILL gain so much from everyone else!"

Business Course

Sarah's ENTIRE Monetize Your Mind™ digital business course is included in your membership access. Go at your own pace, and be blown away by how much clarity you achieve for your next best move!

LIVE Coaching

You'll get access to weekly coaching calls with Sarah, her co-coaches & other industry pros! All calls are at 12pm MT on Mondays, Tuesdays or Wednesdays. Can't make it live? Don't worry, you can submit your question ahead - the calls are recorded with time-stamped notes!


This community is just something you need to experience, in order to rap your head around how much heart can truly exist in the world of business. You're guaranteed to make a few new friends!

No Bullsh*t

There's a lot of bells and whistles out there on the internet. And a lot of coaches may even make you feel like you have to do things THEIR way. Not here. MYM will teach you what's best for YOU, so you can run your business with success AND love the process.


"Since joining MYM, I have been able to break free from the constraints of institutional norms! After decades of being a free-spirit working within the confines of an institution, I finally decided to embark on a new adventure—the world of business. However, this transition came with its own set of challenges and uncertainties. Thankfully I was led to the Monetize Your Mind Community, and it transformed my journey in ways I never could have imagined. I'm now creating a life and business I love from my heart, on my own terms!"



Yes, you read that correctly. Less than a day's worth of groceries in Canada.




Join for the year & save 29%. The best way to stay committed.


Dont' let the price point fool you, this isn't your average membership. The value within this heartballs-packed community has everything you need to create your new stream of income.


So, if you know that NOW is the time to CREATE more money in your life by doing what you LOVE while doing it on YOUR TERMS,  then join us to experience for yourself the POWER of MYM. You won't regret it.


Dont' let the price point fool you, this isn't your average membership. The value within this beast of a community packs everything you need to create your new stream of income.


So, if you're feeling that major pull on the inside, that NOW is the time to CREATE more money in your life by doing what you LOVE, and do it on YOUR TERMS,  then join us to experience for yourself the POWER of this space. You won't regret it.



"My coach, Sarah Swain, has helped me balance my wild feminine creativity with masculine business practices. Both is better. It's always been both/and."